Mid-Century Modern Ranch House on 5 Acres in Arvada

I was invited to photograph this truly special home in Arvada. I use the word “ranch” as a double entendre for this home, as it is both a mid-century modern ranch home, and it is also situated on a 5-acre “ranchette” in Denver’s suburbs. How appropriate!

But more than being a fun play on words, this was a really interesting home, architecturally. Between unobstructed views of the mountains through walls of glass and wood ceilings throughout the main level, this home was a challenge and an opportunity.

Natural wood can be particularly challenging in real estate photography, and is still something I am learning to do well. This particular shot was done in all HDR, prior to my current policy of only using flash when natural woods are involved - so you can definitely see how the color just isn’t quite right in a few of the shots, despite my best efforts. The algorithms used in HDR processing just really struggle to keep the wood looking natural and not muddy, and end up contaminating other colors in the shot in the process, and I have found that using the flash makes the wood much more rich (though it comes with its own set of unique problems that I am learning to work with).

An additional struggle during this shoot came from heavy smoke that was blocking the mountain views - and it required me to return to this home multiple times to get good mountain views out of the windows . . . this is the extra mile that I go for my clients when needed!

This shoot also included a 360° virtual tour, which can be viewed here.

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