Custom Home in Denver’s Sloan’s Lake Neighborhood

I was invited by real estate broker Barry Kunselman at Porchlight Real Estate Group to shoot this relatively new 4-story custom home on Wolff Street in Denver to replace images that had been taken by another photographer. Photograph update/replacement services have become an increasing part of my business since 2022 as agents are realizing that the high volume photo houses are not always up to the level of quality needed in this competitive market. While they are incredibly affordable (so affordable in fact, that there is no excuse for any broker not to do some kind of professional photography), you do get what you pay for - and sometimes that is simply not enough.

I got my exercise moving from level-to-level in this home, and the shoot included capturing a Nanawall, sunset from the rooftop deck, a home theatre, and telling the story of the flowing, wide open floor plan on the main level. This home only lasted 5 days on the market in March of 2022, closing at $1.67M, 11.3% over the asking price.

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